Role-playing game set in a cyberpunk world. Written by R. Talsorian, Cyberpunk 2020 is set int the year 2020, It is the dark future, corporations truly run the planet, cybernetics are common, death is an everyday fact of life.
This game truly captures the spirit of the cyberpunk genre.

RPG made by R. Talsorian Games set in a dark future (dark as in dark, not as in goth), ie. Cyberpunk. Cyber is quite common in the game, as are munchkins. Features such things as a combat system called Friday Night Firefight, some background jokes, a somewhat old-fashioned view of the net, and in european editions, beautiful illustrations by Paolo Parente.

I throughly recommend this as one of the best RPG's out there, as most of you won't be able to get Fanhunter...

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