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A scrolling beat-'em-up for the Sega Mega Drive, released by Sega in 1993. The protagonist is a space pilot who crash-lands on a mechanised planet. The planet's automated factory systems rebuild his mangled remains as a cyborg, intending to use him as a worker in their factory/mines. But as with Murphy before him, he regains some of his humanity and fights back. Cue several scrolling levels of combat with similar cyborgs and other denizens of the planet.

Cyborg Justice's unique selling point was that the player could build their cyborg from a selection of bodies, arms and legs offered on a menu before the game began. During play they could also loot components from fallen adversaries. The following pieces (and more...?) were available: (Don't worry I haven't noded them all seperately. That would be lame.)


Bodies Legs Cyborg Justice was a decent little game with smooth, composite sprite-based animation. However the levels were drab and monotonous in the extreme and the game featured only the bare minimum of presentation frills. Compared to efforts like Streets of Rage 2 it looks rather mediocre and rushed. I seem to recall that it was actually developed by Novotrade (creators of Ecco the Dolphin) but I can't find any proof of this at this moment.

Snicker Furfoot reminds me that the game had a two-player (co-op) mode, and that you could rip bits off of your enemies in the middle of combat.

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