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Canadian Actress. long blonde hair, blue eyes, 5' 6". Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She married Kyle Martin on April 29th 2000.

Cynthia Preston went into acting by chance. While attending high school in Toronto, her mother suggested she take a self-improvement course to overcome shyness. Consequently, she took up modeling at 15, and soon found herself working in Japan. After high school, Cynthia was found by CBS talent scouts, and landed the role as Jill Clayburgh's daughter in the movie for television, Miles to Go.

She can now be found in films such as Convergence, The Gift, The Ultimate Weapon. She's also guest starred on episodes of X-Files, Once a Thief and The Outer Limits.

In the Sci-fi psychological thriller, Total Recall 2070 (1998), she plays the role of Olivia Hume husband to detective David Hume. Sadly she is cold in the beginning on the series. During the episode entitled "Paranoid" (115), events start to heat up when a brain-implant is discovered inside her. Unfortunately the series was cancelled after the first season.

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