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Known as 'Cyrillic Supplementary' in versions 3.2 and 4.0, this code block was renamed in Unicode 4.0.1. The Cyrillic Supplement picks up where Cyrillic left off.
Unicode's Cyrillic Supplement code block reserves the 48 code points from U+0500 to U+052F, of which 36 are currently assigned.

Cyrillic <-- Cyrillic Supplement --> Armenian

Number of characters added in each version of the Unicode standard :
Unicode 3.2 : 16
Unicode 5.0 : 4
Unicode 5.1 : 16

Number of characters in each General Category :

Letter, Uppercase  Lu : 18
Letter, Lowercase  Ll : 18

All the characters in this code block are in bidirectional category Left To Right L

The columns below should be interpreted as :

  1. The Unicode code for the character
  2. The character in question
  3. The Unicode name for the character
  4. The Unicode General Category for the character
  5. The Unicode version when this character was added

If the characters below show up poorly, or not at all, see Unicode Support for possible solutions.


Cyrillic Supplement

     Komi letters

U+0500   Ԁ   Cyrillic capital letter komi de Lu 3.2
U+0501   ԁ   Cyrillic small letter komi de Ll 3.2
U+0502   Ԃ   Cyrillic capital letter komi dje Lu 3.2
U+0503   ԃ   Cyrillic small letter komi dje Ll 3.2
U+0504   Ԅ   Cyrillic capital letter komi zje Lu 3.2
U+0505   ԅ   Cyrillic small letter komi zje Ll 3.2
U+0506   Ԇ   Cyrillic capital letter komi dzje Lu 3.2
U+0507   ԇ   Cyrillic small letter komi dzje Ll 3.2
U+0508   Ԉ   Cyrillic capital letter komi lje Lu 3.2
U+0509   ԉ   Cyrillic small letter komi lje Ll 3.2
U+050A   Ԋ   Cyrillic capital letter komi nje Lu 3.2
U+050B   ԋ   Cyrillic small letter komi nje Ll 3.2
U+050C   Ԍ   Cyrillic capital letter komi sje Lu 3.2
U+050D   ԍ   Cyrillic small letter komi sje Ll 3.2
U+050E   Ԏ   Cyrillic capital letter komi tje Lu 3.2
U+050F   ԏ   Cyrillic small letter komi tje Ll 3.2

     Cyrillic extensions

U+0510   Ԑ   Cyrillic capital letter reversed ze Lu 5.0
U+0511   ԑ   Cyrillic small letter reversed ze Ll 5.0
* Enets, Khanty
U+0512   Ԓ   Cyrillic capital letter el with hook Lu 5.0
U+0513   ԓ   Cyrillic small letter el with hook Ll 5.0
* Chukchi, Itelmen, Khanty

     Mordvin letters

U+0514   Ԕ   Cyrillic capital letter lha Lu 5.1
U+0515   ԕ   Cyrillic small letter lha Ll 5.1
aka voiceless l
U+0516   Ԗ   Cyrillic capital letter rha Lu 5.1
U+0517   ԗ   Cyrillic small letter rha Ll 5.1
aka voiceless r
U+0518   Ԙ   Cyrillic capital letter yae Lu 5.1
U+0519   ԙ   Cyrillic small letter yae Ll 5.1

     Kurdish letters

U+051A   Ԛ   Cyrillic capital letter qa Lu 5.1
U+051B   ԛ   Cyrillic small letter qa Ll 5.1
U+051C   Ԝ   Cyrillic capital letter we Lu 5.1
U+051D   ԝ   Cyrillic small letter we Ll 5.1

     Aleut letter

U+051E   Ԟ   Cyrillic capital letter aleut ka Lu 5.1
U+051F   ԟ   Cyrillic small letter aleut ka Ll 5.1
* used for q in Aleut

     Chuvash letters
These are obsolete letters formerly used in Jakovlev's Chuvash orthography.

U+0520   Ԡ   Cyrillic capital letter el with middle hook Lu 5.1
U+0521   ԡ   Cyrillic small letter el with middle hook Ll 5.1
aka palatalized l
U+0522   Ԣ   Cyrillic capital letter en with middle hook Lu 5.1
U+0523   ԣ   Cyrillic small letter en with middle hook Ll 5.1
aka palatalized n

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