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A super-hero published by Marvel Comics.

In the midst of the first WWF wrestling frenzy, Marvel comics introduced the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation. This organization allowed people with super-human strength to wear spandex and make a fool out of themselves, just like their less-powerful brethren. Among the members of this group was Dennis Dunphy. Dennis paid Dr. Karl Malus a lot of money to give him the super-human strength. Malus, calling himself the Power Broker, gave this ability to many on the ciruit, but also caused them to become addicted to drugs (read "steroids") which would make them dependent upon Malus.

Enter the Thing, a member of the Fantastic Four, who was currently crossing the country in an effort to find himself and some redhead. The Thing met Dunphy, who was calling himself one of a number of names (Demolition Dunphy, Demolition Man, or simply D-Man). The Thing and Dunphy became friends and the Thing eventually uncovered Malus's involvement. Dunphy kicked his addiction and parted ways with Grimm, when Grimm's solo comic ended.

Dunphy worked for a time with Captain America, becoming his sidekick and training with him. Dunphy was seemingly killed during one of their adventures, due to his inexperience.

As a side note, if there was a contest for the Ugliest, Least Original Costume for a Comic Book Character, DMan would definitely be in the running. His costume basically was that really ugly color combination that Daredevil first wore, but he had an excuse; he is blind. The costume was then an exact copy of Wolverine's from the X-Men, except it had a huge "D" on the chest. Obviously, not a costume designed for stealth.

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