Thanks to Colorless Green Idea, D.P. Dough is actually a chain of restaurants! So, this node pertains to my experience with the restaurant at Cornell University. However, I urge all of E2 to go out and find the nearest D.P. Dough --

D.P. Dough is a local calzone restaurant in Ithaca NY that makes and delivers only calzones to the hungry mass of Cornell students each night.

These are not ordinary calzones, mind you, they are a staple to the Cornellian diet.
D.P. Dough is open till 4am Fridays and Saturdays making for the perfect study break (cause we need it!).

You can get anything in your calzone, but the menu comes with a list of specific ones including the all famous Cheeze with 3 kinds of cheeze. Then you have such ones as the Roni Zoni, the Oh! Zone, the Strike Zone, the Pesto, the Maui Wowi, Turkey Club, Target Zone, Passing Zone, BBQ Chicken, Chiken N' Bacon, Buffer Zone, Spinner etc... the list seems to be endless!

Some come up and have a visit to good ol' Big Red and order yourself a calzone.

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