DATREX, Incorporated is a Kinder, Louisiana based firm formed in the early 1960s that provides goods and services for marine and industrial safety. DATREX is probably most well known for its marine safety and emergency preparedness products, many or most of which meet international and Coast Guard certifications and/or SOLAS standards. (Safety Of Life At Sea)

Products from DATREX include Personal Floatation Devices (or PFDs), floatation buoys (see life ring or lifering), exposure and immersion suits, emergency and distress signalling devices such as parachute flares, strobes, satellite/GPS beacons, handheld flares, marine-adapted smoke grenades, and emergency rations such as their DATREX White Rations, DATREX Blue Rations, and packetized emergency drinking water.

DATREX also makes a variety of marine and industrial safety signage, retroreflective tapes, photoluminescent products, non-skid tapes, and related adhesives.

Services offered by DATREX include life raft servicing, repair, and retrofitting, as well as incineration and disposal of flares and small caliber ammunition.

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