Direct Connect ++

An open source client for Direct Connect p2p networks coded in C++. Currently only available for Windows.

A better alternative to NMDC (NeoModus Direct Connect), the normal client for Direct Connect because:

  • Open Source: NeoModus is bought out/sued/attacked by winged monkeys. DC++ users continue to share. The RIAA brings down SourceForge. Development on DC++ continues.
  • Not Visual Basic: See elsewhere
  • Multiple Hub Connections: Download from this hub, and that hub, at the same time! THE fundamental flaw in NMDC addresssed! (This will be discussed further)
  • No ads!: I think this is self explainatory.
  • IRC like commands, Search Spy, Favourites, Disclude hidden files from share, Minimize to tray, Auto-Connect, Away Message....

The problem with DC++'s acceptance has been its multi-hub feature. Any DC old hand will tell you that many hub operators treat their hubs like their own personal fiefs. And they hate any way around bending to their every whim. Slightly saner ones claim that multi-hubbing detracts from the community aspects of DC. More sane ones have introduced features where by DC++ users must open as many slots as hubs they are connected to or similar, to discourage people from giving nothing while taking away etc.

Another complaint is that its open sourceness makes it easier for leechers to fake the size of their shares, prompting calls in the DC++ forums for the source to be closed. This amounts to throwing away the baby with the bathwater. The only way to effectively check shares is for ops to do it.

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