One of the major comic book publishers. DC got its start back in 1935, when they were called "National Periodical." They eventually adopted the name "DC" for "Detective Comics," their oldest continuous publication.

Historically, DC was responsible for the beginnings of the Golden Age (with "Action Comics #1," the first appearance of Superman) and the Silver Age (with "Showcase #4," the first appearance of the new Flash). Most importantly, DC owns the rights to Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, which means they'll probably never go out of business. They are owned by AOL Time Warner, which probably can't hurt either, business-wise.

DC isn't considered as hip as Marvel Comics or Image, but the writing and the stories are usually better over at DC (the company takes a bit of a hands-off approach to stories -- if a writer really wants to shake up the status quo and can provide a good reason, the company will often allow them to do it -- but you still can't permanently kill the Man of Steel). DC also publishes Vertigo Comics, which is their imprint for "Mature Readers" comics. Vertigo has published "The Sandman," "Preacher," "Hellblazer," "The Invisibles," "Transmetropolitan," and many more.

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