DJ Spooky's albums:
DJ Spooky has collaborated with many artists including: Nick Cave, Butch Morris, Kool Keith (a.k.a. Doctor Octagon), Killa Priest (from Wu-Tang Clan), Yoko Ono, and Thurston Moore (from Sonic Youth) and many many others. He also recorded the soundtrack for the film "Slam" which was highly acclaimed, and won awards at the Cannes and Sundance Film Festivals.

Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky's real name) is also an accomplished writer who has writen for such sources as: The Village Voice, Raygun, The Source, Artforum, Paper Magazine, Rap Pages, and a plethora of other periodicals. He is a co-Publisher of "A Gathering of Tribes" (along with Steve Cannon) which is dedicated writers from a multi-cultural context. Miller was also the first "Editor-At-Large" of "Artbyte: the Magazine of Digital Culture".

Miller works and writes out of New York City.

This is from his website (
His work as an artist has appeared in a wide variety of contexts such as the Whitney Biennial, The Venice Biennial for Architecture (year 2000), the prestigious Ludwig Museum in Cologne, Germany; Kunsthalle, Vienna; The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh and many other museums and galleries.

Also mentioned on his website is an upcoming novel entitled "Flow My Blood the DJ Said" by Miller, and further explains that the Millers surname of "DJ Spooky, that Spectacular Kid" is a character from this novel.

If you ever have a chance to see DJ Spooky live, I would highly suggest it, I saw him on March 18, 2001 (go here and to read a short write up about the time that I saw him, you'll need to scroll down a bit, because it's a daylog).
Not only is Miller an amazing turntablist, but he also switches styles as smooth as changing wax, he flips from old-school-hip-hop to jazzy sounds to drum and bass to modern rap to rave-sounding techno breaks during a single show.
On top of that, DJ Spooky plays cello at many of his show. He plays his cello over the beats on his turn tables and runs it through either his mixer and/or an effects box to create a truly unique musical experiece.

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