When I decided to node some lyrics using this alias account I was a little worried that they would be nuked as fast as I could post them, becuase of the copyright issues.

So, for the first band that I wanted to node lyrics for, Dag Nasty, I decided to head to the top, and get permission. No getting E2 in trouble, no copyright violation, all nice and neat. And...

From: Malcolm Reynolds

To: anthony@daghouse.com

Subject: Permission for Lyric Copying


I would like to say before I begin how much I like Dag Nasty. I'm pretty new to real Punk music, but after hearing "circles" on the 20 years of Dischord compilation. I have recently bought the 2002 reissues of the first 2 albums, and I will buy more as an when I can (but having to rely on one small punk store in Leeds (UK) to get the albums in is slightly frustrating).

The reason I am writing is to ask permission to copy the lyrics which you have on your website to http://www.everything2.com - in case you don't know the site, I'll explain a little.

Everything 2 is a project started by the same people as Slashdot. It's basically a user written encyclopaedia covering any topic. Users sign up and write nodes on specific subjects. there's a whole lot more to it, but not much that I can explain easily in an email. I would recommend you had a look for yourself.

Anyway, I would like permission to post the lyrics from www.daghouse.com/lyrics.htm to Everything 2. Just to clarify, E2 is a not for profit site, and neither the owners nor the poster (me) get any financial gain for posting them. My reasons for wanting to post the lyrics are simply to contribute to filling a gap in the database, and to let more people know about Dag Nasty.

Please, consider my offer.



From: anthony_morocco@msn.com

To: malcstud@hotmail.com

Subject: Re: Permission for Lyric Copying


Sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this. Anyways, the answer is yes. Any friend of Slashdot is a friend of ours. If you could, please post a link to the site (www.daghouse.com) wherever applicable.

Good luck with the database & take care,

Anthony / Daghouse.com


We're a friend of Dag Nasty. Head to http://www.daghouse.com like the man said. Lyrics (noded by automalc) will follow soon...

Wow, I just read this and I found that I had written almost exactly the same thing, off my own bat. Spooky...

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