Kicked the cat. Didn't mean to; doesn't count.

The kids made a mess (paper glue beads legos) and refused to clean it when I asked. It got taken care of, but they'd made me mad. I gave Becca S. a handful of M&Ms (a rare commodity) and told her not to tell anyone. Becca was just as shitty as the rest of them but also can't keep her mouth shut. Gloated, nyah-nyah. Within minutes, everyone was enraged, and now Becca, age six, has enemies. Ha.

Stole a whole lemon creme cake from fridge at work. This would be a worse evil if

a. it weren't going to go to waste anyway (the school's eyes are always bigger than its collective stomach and lots of food gets thrown out) and

b. there hadn't been seven other lemon creme cakes in there.

Still, putting a cake under my jacket and leaving early through the back door is worth noting.

Evil Rating: 6 of 10.

I was recently promoted to "Network Administrator" (ha) and have since found a whole new world of pain. I face:
  • DNS and Mail requests from people who have no idea what they want or how to ask for it.
  • A router that drops the ENTIRE list of secondary IP subnets from EVERY interface when it reboots.
  • Swipping, Ole!
  • An substantial list of idiots has been appended to the morbidly extensive one that I already have to deal with.
  • I am the proud recipient of all of our Abuse mail.
  • They are making me use a cell phone soon! Argh!
On the other hand, I am now "the man". I can do whatever I want, whenever I want; however I want. I am the boxen wrangler, I am the mystical mastermind of the magic smoke; I am the SUPREME OVERLORD OF THE ENTIRE NETWORK!

I have absolutely no fucking idea what the hell I am doing!

You gotta love the tech industry.

Anyhow, today I caught a customer stealing IP's; I shut off his interface. I busted some lady trying to steal a buck-fifty and called her on it, loudly, in front of everyone. I got a call from a very loud, very abusive customer today who kept bitching bout his service being slow and couldn't seem to stop being a dick-nose. I noticed while looking him up in the customer database that he was two days late on his payment. Well, I solved his proble; his service is no longer slow. It's OFF.

Yes, I reigned terror upon many unsuspecting fuckheads all day long. I think I could get used to this.

Over-all Total Evil Rating: 8

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