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Received a message from IWhoSawTheFace requesting moi's participation in ScienceQuest 2012. Politely agreed to be listed as a participant in the quest. Claimed to be planning a "science of fantasy football drafting" node. Provided endorsement to quest writeup to attract attention to the effort.

Actually planning a series of defenses for religious figures' opinions speaking against science.

Evil rating: 5 (out of 10), +1 point for intention of delivering tainted goods to a quest, +1 point for bragging about intentions before the quest begins, +1 point for potentially angering the science community on E2, +4 points for pulling the rug out from under quest host. -2 points for not creating a sockpuppet account as a major religious figure. Yet.

Received a message from Serjeant's Muse requesting participation in the soon-to-begin ScienceQuest 2012. He mentioned something about the mathematics of fantasy football, and I said YES YES OH GOD YES.

But the whole thing about flim-flamming a judge is that you have to keep it a secret. Right? That's the whole point of the scam. TO KEEP IT BLOODY SECRET.

I plan on stringing him along, receiving his writeups and then praising them, and promising big GP rewards if he makes a few edits, then a few more. Then when he's at his wit's end, to accept his writeup. THEN DOWNVOTING it behind his back.

And then crushing his spirit like a bug beneath huge Doc Martens waffle soles, CRUSHY CRUSHY! by not coming through with the GP, because, you know, I'm petty like that.

Evil rating: 2 (out of 10), +1 point for stringing him along and pretending I don't know about his ulterior motives, +1 for being devious and planning on subverting his plan, Spy vs Spy style, +1 point for cackling and rubbing hands together in true Dr. Evil fashion and rubbing Mr. Bigglesworth's rat-like skin, +1 point for announcing plans to the ENTIRE WORLD TO SEE, and -2 points for following the example of Sergeant's Muse so slavishly, literarily speaking.

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