Dalby Söderskog national park

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The first national park to be designated by the government after the creation of the original nine national parks of Sweden, Dalby Söderskog, designated in 1918, is located in the southernmost part of Sweden, north of only one other national park, Stenshuvud. The park covers an area of 0.36 square kilometers (0.14 square miles), and as the name in Swedish implies, it is dominated by forest.

The park is adjacent to Dalby Hage, which has served as grazing grounds at least since medieval times, and north of that, the wildlife sanctuary of Dalby Norreskog. While the park is the second smallest in Sweden, a hardwood forest of remarkably continental character and an intriguing embankment surrounding half the park make it an interesting site. It is believed that the embankment may be a reminiscence of an ancient settlement or fortification.

Most noticeable about the nature in the park is its rich flora, thriving on the chalk- and limestone-rich soil and featuring anemones, gagea, pilewort, and several other flowers common in Sweden. For this reason, the park is most beautiful in spring. A wide variety of hardwood grows here, and the park is also famous for its many birds.

Parking is available at the entrance to the park, which easily reached by a road turning off national route 16 between Lund and Dalby.

Following is a translation of the conditions governing Dalby Söderskog national park. I am neither a lawyer, nor a translator. This is for educational purposes only. Do not blame me if you get in trouble, yada, yada. The conditions translated into the text below apply only to Dalby Söderskog. Other national parks have other conditions specified for them.

Public notice with conditions regarding DALBY SöDERSKOG national park; SNFS (1987:21)

Supported by 4 § of the national park ordinance (1987:938), the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency announces the following conditions for the national park according to 5 § second section of the environmental protection act (1964:822).

Within the national park it is forbidden to

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency can - if special circumstances are present - announce exceptions from given restrictions.

Without hindrance by the above prohibitions, it is permissible

  • for staff authorized by the national park bailiff to conduct measures according to determined plan of maintenance

Passing into law

SNFS 1987:21

This public notice will pass into law on January 1, 1988.

Information synthesized from www.environ.se.

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