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Easily my favorite artist.

Dale Chihuly is a glass blower who works out of Seattle, WA. He is famous for doing these mindblowing installations all over the world, particuliarily in Italy, be it Florence or Rome.

He has work teams to help pull together these endeavors as he critically damaged an eye while in the midst of blowing. Because glass blowing requires excellent depth perception, he is more of a producer of ideas, spilling and spreading paint and dyes on paper, then directing his teams to actually build the peices.

The colors and shapes he accomplishes through glass are orgasmic. No oil painting could compare to the luster and inner glow his pieces obtain. He once had an olympic- sized swimming pool built with a cut out rectangle in the bottom, filled it with his organic works, lit it from underneath and put a clear glass cover over it. He is also well known for his chandeliers, possibly you've seen some of them in Vegas?

Yes, if I had enough balls, I'd throw everything away and move to Seattle so I could train to be on one of his teams. C'mon, the man's vases make me wet.

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