Daleks, scourge of the galaxy and would be masters of the universe. The trouble is the buggers don't have legs.

Daleks travel round in pepper shakers with big phallic guns sticking out the front.

Because they move on rollers they can't move in three dimensions.

In one episode, the Doctor escaped the Daleks by climbing up a rope. As he climbed he taunted his pursuers with the line: "If you're so clever why don't you climb after me!"

Or something like that.

Problem is though, in the Sylvester McCoy and Ace episodes, they did. They produced this little hovercraft that they sat upon, and up the stairs they went. I saw this episode repeated on UK Gold 2 months ago, and laughed my socks off.

The ramps you see instead of stairs in some places aren't always that convenient for wheelchairs to actually use - and they stick out oddly in some places that are otherwise rather inaccessible to the handicapped. Traitors in our midst are preparing us for a Dalek invasion.

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