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"The Mad Scientist of Perl"

Damian Conway is a Perl guru, author of the book Object Oriented Perl, and has done all sorts of nifty things in other fields as well (computer graphics, OO stuff, and such.) He has a Ph.D. in computer sciences, is a Research Fellow in the School of Computer Science and Software Engineering in Monash University.

As mentioned, he has made many cool, useful and somewhat weird Perl modules such as Lingua::EN::Inflect (generates English plural endings automagically), Parse::RecDescent (Recursive parser), Coy (Haiku error generator), Lingua::Romana::Perligata (Latin scripting!), and Quantum::Superpositions (quantum computing on your plain old Intel or whatever). He also currently writes the Exgenesis series that explain to the people how Perl 6 is progressing.

Some of the modules are pretty crazy, but they're, in fact, not - for example, while people may think that writing code in Latin is useless, the idea is to make Perl's "grammar" less hidebound with English conventions, so, as you can see, it's pretty useful after all.


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