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Damien Jurado is a singer/songwriter from Seattle, WA. Signed to Sub Pop records; was introduced to the label via high school classmate Jeremy Enigk. Also was in a band in the early nineties with David Bazan of Pedro the Lion. But they never released anything.

Generally folky and acoustic; has garnered many comparisons to Nick Drake. Gets called an urban folk singer a lot. But occasionally writes more pop-like or even rock songs. He's claimed that he's not as fond of his first album, Waters Ave S. because he tried to make it too poppy so that Sub Pop would like it. I think it's good, though.

Has released 3 full albums of music, but also released a CD composed entirely of old answering machine messages and old conversations on tapes he found at thrift stores: Postcards and Audio Letters. An odd listening experience. Jurado also incorporates old audio snippets into his music. Makes his songs all the more haunting and substantial.

Waters Ave S. - Sub Pop, 1997
Gathered in Song EP - Made in Mexico, 1999
Rehearsals for Departure - Sub Pop, 1999
Postcards and Audio Letters - Made in Mexico/TNI Books, 2000
Ghost of David - Sub Pop, 2000

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