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It's quiet everywhere, a sleepy surburbian stillness. After my shower I sat on my bed 'for just one second' and fell asleep. Nice napping, middle of the day for an hour. And then, why not? The girls were sleeping and the kitchen clean.

It's sunny outside, warm, in the upper sixties. I'm not used to green and sun and balmy air on December 25. I have spent the past 10 years in colder places, the Christmas season usually seems all about bluster and night and a cozy haven at home.

It feels more like spring to me now, or even lazy summer. but I guess I should remember this, the temperate seasons, the smaller fluctuations in change. When I moved to the States, the seasons and holidays here seemed wrong. Now they seem right, and this warm day outside seems wrong. This is something I have forgotten, I shall have to relearn.

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