The dance floor was empty; not in that in-between people-building kind of way, but completely bare. People were littered along the side of the empty space, waiting for something interesting to happen. I was one of them. Suddenly, a friend of mine (one who is generally self-conscious when it comes to doing anything out of the ordinary) sprinted, I mean literally sprinted from the next room straight onto the dance floor and burst into an insane five-minute solo right in front of us. She was dancing like a motherfucker; hands waving like helicopter blades, face stony and determined.

We all sat on the side for a few seconds, shocked and confused, then burst into cheering for this courageous display of something we didn't quite understand. When the song finished, she quietly took a seat and smiled calmly at everyone. My God, just when you think you know someone well, they go and do something to confuse the hell out of you. I love it.

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