Daniel Rubini was born in Buffalo, New York and graduated from Viginia Polytechnic Institute with his Bachelor of Arts degree. He later earned his Juris Doctor from Temple University Law School.

Judge Rubini has served as an officer in the Judge Advocate General for over 32 years where he has since obtained the rank of colonel. Rubini has received training in all areas of law while in the Armed Forces; including civil affairs law of war, and terrorism. He was also named a Distinguished Member of the US Army Civil Affairs Regiment.

Daniel Rubini is currently an administrative law judge for the Social Security Administration Office of Hearings and Appeals and was also recently appointed Senior Advisor to the Ministry of Justice in Iraq. In Septemeber of last year, he joined the staff of the Coalition Provisional Autority.

Along with serving in Iraq, Rubini has served in Kuwait during Desert Shield and Desert Storm and also in Haiti. Prior to these events he was Chief of Civil Affairs in Central America.

Information taken from www.whitehouse.gov. It is supprising how little biographical knowledge there is on the internet of some of the White House staff members, its mostly press briefings.

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