canadian artist, he has worked with brian eno, u2 amongst others. sleeping in the devil's bed is my favorite song by the artist. Beauty of Wynonna is a great album.

I don't know if Daniel Lanois is reading my mail or my mind. But it seems as if he's been following around every singer/songwriter I love and producing the next thing they do after I am drawn to them. I guess you Brian Eno folks know what I mean. He was the engineer for Ambient IV: On Land back in 1982, and then produced Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks in 1983, Thursday Afternoon in 1985, Music for Films 3 in 1988 and Box 1 in 1994.

He produced almost everything I like by U2, The Joshua Tree in 1987 and Achtung Baby in 1991.

My personal hero, Bob Dylan hired him to do Oh Mercy in 1989 and Time Out of Mind in 1997.

Peter Gabriel had him produce Us in 1992.

Lanois produced the soundtrack for that film some of you love so dearly, Trainspotting, in 1996.

He produced Luscious Jacson's Naked Eye EP (one of the greatest singles to ever hit pop radio) and Fever In, Fever Out in 1996.

Another personal hero of mine, Willie Nelson, hired him to produce Teatro in 1998.

He's even been credited with have a large degree of influence over Better Than Ezra's latest CD, How Does Your Garden Grow, even though he's not listed in the credits. There are several other production credits under his belt, and many of you might be familiar with the artists. I'm only listing those I know and love.

It began for me, I think, back in 1987 with Robbie Robertson's self-titled album and that song Somewhere Down the Crazy River.

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