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Books by R.A. Salvatore. The trilogy comprises of "Homeland", "Exile" and "Sojourn." It is a story of a drow elf named Drizzt Do'Urden who is born in the Dark Elven underground world, in a city named Menzoberranzan. The Dark Elven society involves the murder of houses and family members to ascend in the hierarchy. It is also dominated by the favour of Lloth, the Spider Queen. Drizzt soon learns that the Drow way of life is not his ways and escapes Menzoberranzan. He is constantly in conflict with his Drow instincts and his feelings. He then travels to the surface where he discovers prejudice.

Personal note: Great books. If you're into RPGs and Dungeons and Dragons, I recommend you read the trilogy. Although you're supposed to start with the "Icewind Dale Trilogy" (it comes after chronologically), I started with the Dark Elf Trilogy.

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