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The dark-veined white is one of the butterflies very much sought after by many collectors, particularly in Austria. The is because one of the most variable populations of this butterfly lives in the well-known Modling area near Vienna. There has been a long debate among experts as to whether it is an independent species or only a subspecies of the Green-veined White. Sometimes it is considered to be a semispecies, modification, variety, etc. The author had the opportunity to observe populations of the dark-veined white in the Carpathians and the Alps and is of the opinion that it is an independent species.

The nominate form has been described in the Alps, where it is found at considerable altitudes (up to 2000m) and has only one generation a year. Both pairs of the female's wings are dark. At lower altitudes two or three generations appear during a year. Ssp. neobryoniae Shelj., resembling most closely the Carpathian populations, lives in the southern parts of the Alps and the ssp. flavescens Wagner inhabits the northern parts. The ground coloration of the wings is yellowish or rich yellow, often with a mauve gloss. The populations inhabiting the Carpathians are very varied. The most distinct ones include the ssp. vihorlatensis Moucha found in Vihorlat, the east Slovakian mountains.

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