. . .. ...soybean meal,    roses,    brent crude,    pork futures,   
stupid people,    june wheat,   

bulk or rolled tin,    milk,    generic drugs,    herring,    refined corn oil,   
natural gas,    aphorisms,    gold,    live cattle,   

crack caffine,    unleaded gas,    polyps,    iron ore,    timber,   
out of work actors,    rape seeds,    phosphorus,    fiber optic cable,    milled rice,   

high grade copper,    seasonal junk,    tusks,    edible oils,    aluminum oxide,   
node shells,    Paraguay electricity,    oats,    mini N.Y. silver,    lumber,   

South African Rand,    palladium,    coffee,    durum wheat,    scrap steel,   
blown plastic dolls,    Twin Cities on-peak,    rolled hay,    sugar,    IP addresses,    cocoa,   

coal futures,    bandwidth,    split logs,    cotton,    piped steam,    unfinished twine,    oil based paint,   
3-month t-bill,    ice cream,    plywood,    ASCII,    used records ... .. . .. . .


       . . an (un)sympathetic nodeshell rescue... .. . . .

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