Dave Graney is an Australian rock singer, who's been around since the late 1980s. He's had a couple of minor hits and some airplay on the government-run youth radio network, Triple J.

He is not your typical pop musician. At one time or another, he's adopted the persona of a buckskin furtrapper on the frontier, or of a rock 'n' roll cowboy, a dandy, or a cavalry officer. Posture and style are essential to his work.

Layer upon layer of irony, its expression through music, a slightly bitter sense of humour, and a contempt for squares who don't understand what's going on... The obvious point of comparison is Nietzsche.

The fact that I've started talking like a beret-wearing wanker suggests that something's gone wrong somewhere. Perhaps it should just be about the music.

(By the way, Dave Graney's website is really cool. But I haven't figured out how to include an external link in a writeup. So find it yourself.)

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