Born January 14, 1969, Dave Grohl is the son of James and Virginia Grohl (now divorced). He has a sister named Lisa. He was married to Jennifer Youngblood, but they separated in 1997, and he is now single.

Lead guitarist and vocals for the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl had several previous positions as a drummer in bands like Scream (a "legendary band around DC," says Dave), Nirvana and others. He says he's always had a guitar around to play with, since he was twelve years old or so. It's a commonly held misconception that Dave was a drummer first and a guitarist second, but he says he's been playing guitar for longer.

After Kurt Cobain's suicide, he didn't know whether or not he wanted to make music of his own any more. He had been recording songs of his own (like Marigold, which appeared as the B-side to Nirvana's Heart-Shaped Box single), and after a period of silence, finally went to the studio to record the Foo Fighters' self-titled album, with "studio whiz" Barrett Jones. The Foo Fighters albums are covered elsewhere, but after four of them, Dave decided he wanted to get back to his hardcore roots, and he created the metal production called Probot, with the help of metal musicians who were his idols, peers, or both.

He enjoys making music, touring, and creating his music videos. The unique videos for Everlong and Learn To Fly are perfect examples of Dave's quirky sense of humour. It would behoove you, also, to go ahead and pick up a copy of an mp3 probably titled something like "Dave Grohl - Arms Wide Open (Creed cover)", or some other horrific mess. It's hi-larious.

For more info, see: Foo Fighters, Probot, Nirvana.

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