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Irish games designer currently residing in California with a big fat pile of cash. One of the founders of Shiny Entertainment. Prior to Shiny, Perry worked on a number of games for home computers (such as Everyone's a Wally, Three Weekes in Paradise) and then consoles (generally platform games with rotoscoped sprites such as Cool Spot and Aladdin for Virgin Interactive).

Perry's company is perhaps best known for its Earthworm Jim games, and more recently has put out 3D titles MDK, Messiah, and Sacrifice. Dave also runs a website (www.dperry.com) which offers advice for getting into the games industry.


A games and technology journalist who confusingly shares his name with the above, best known for appearing on GamesMaster wearing a stupid bandana and getting upset when he inevitably cocked up. Worked for Paragon Publishing (or one of the other, cheesier, computer mag publishers).

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