Dave and Steve's Video Game Explosion is a show hosted by the Burly Bear Network (BBN) - a television network that aims to cater to college students across the country. The BBN provides access for several television shows, but Dave and Steve are certainly in the upper quartile when it comes to pure hilarity per unit of viewing time.

Airing weekly on TBS, the Burly Bear Network presents Dave and Steve's Video Game explosion at 2:30 AM Wednesday & Thursday, for a duration of 45 minutes. So, by now you may be questioning the quality of the programming contained in the hour, considering that it airs at a time when even the most dedicated hackers are feeling a bit drowsy. I tell you:

Dave and Steve are gods.

Dave is fat.
Steve is skinny.

Dave is the dominant presence on the show, with his demanding size, and his overpowering voice.

Steve is the submissive of the two, usually being squelched by Dave, and therefore rarely gets a word in.

I was reluctant to watch the show when my friend first linked me to their archive website, but after a few episodes, I was hooked. By the time I watched the entire GTA3 review, I was in tears - from all the laughing.

Oh, yes, did I mention that it is a video game review show? At least, that is what they advertise it as. It's more of a variety show than anything else. What kind of variety? Not much. SoBe, their "sponsor" gets mocked, Tiffany Holiday, their cheerleader/bimbo gets abused, and abusive, and Dave and Steve go through great lengths to humiliate even themselves.

I mentioned that Dave and Steve enjoy a sponsor - SoBe, to be exact. Whether SoBe is a true sponsor, or just a mock sponsor is a mystery, but therein lies the fun. You see, Dave and Steve give SoBe nothing but the worst. Allow me to illustrate:

...every time we get a letter telling us to be nicer to SoBe, we are going to do the following...

(Dave reads from a bottle of SoBe, white in color)

Dave: SoBe Lizz Blizz: a tropical brew that celebrates snowboarding.

Steve: What a bunch of crap.

Dave: This looks like a big bottle of horse semen.


24 back episodes (okay, just segments of the episode) can be found at the Dave and Steve website. Do yourself a favor and check it out: http://www.burlybear.com/shows/videogame/index.html

update: D&SVGE, along with the entire Burly Bear Network, is gone. We should all bow our heads for a brief moment of silence... Okay, that's enough.

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