David Firth is, to but is most simply, a genius when it comes to the disturbed. He is a creator of flash cartoons such as Salad Fingers and Burnt Face Man. The guy has a definite talent at being creepy. He also makes music by the name of locust toybox. Even his happier works are twisted and unwholesome, and some can only leave you with either the words "what the fuck...?" or "what the fuck, that was so cool!" the latter will usually point out to your peers that you are a complete nut. My personal favourite video of his is Ptikobj, mostly bacause of the lack of twisted violence. It's cute, in its own way.

He also had a set of music videos that would be somewhat frightening without the music accompaniment, such as conversionay and tufler in the clouds. You can find all of his works on a site called www.fat-pie.com, and I will warn you now, DONT FORGET THE DASH BETWEEN FAT AND PIE. I definitely recommend these cartoons to anyone. those of you who become afraid are in need of a good scaring, and those of you who aren't afraid, well, you get a few good chuckles.

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