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A founding member of the defunct group, Gastr Del Sol, Grubbs has since began releasing solo work under his own name. He has two albums which vary from loose experimentation on "Banana Cabbage, Potato Lettuce, Onion Orange" (Table Of The Elements) to interesting avant-pop tunes on "The Thicket "(Drag City).

His newest album, The Spectrum Between, will be released sometime in Summer/Fall 2000 on Drag City.

Grubbs was also a member of seminal post-rock/math rock group Slint, and plays on later Red Krayola albums. Jim O'Rourke did leave Gastr Del Sol, but I'm uncertain if they actually broke up. Like a lot of them Louisville bands (Palace comes to mind) they're not really bands, but recurring names for a person's project.

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