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Older Australian swimmer.

Competed in the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games. Nowadays she is a "major" Australian sporting celebrity.

However, her "fame" is based on a traditional Australian flaw - she is a criminal. As a dubious honour, she is one of only 4 athletes disqualified from the olympics for un-becoming conduct other than drug taking. In her home Olympic Games in Melbourne, she was kicked out of the athletes village for stealing a flag and refusing to inform authorities, when questioned directly, where it was located. For this effort she was ejected from the village, arrested and charged with theft. She was later released due to the intervention of Olympic officials.

One of the other 4 athletes was disqualified in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. An African long distance runner was arrested for sexual assault. So until recently, Dawn was one of three "un-becoming" athletes and a disgrace to her country. But now she is viewed as a heroine. Go figure.

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