The Babylon 5 Project

The Ages of Mankind

The Dawn of the Third Age of Mankind

This interim period in Babylon 5: the Series, was the transition point between the Second Age of Mankind and the Third Age of Mankind.

Arguments can be made that this began, either after the Dilgar War, or before the Earth-Minbari War. Either way, it was the point where humans, and the Earth Alliance made their presence known in the galaxy.

Ironicly, the Vorlon Empire had much influence in the ignition of the Dawn of the Third Age of Mankind. This ignition would remove the Vorlon Empire from the Galaxy in just a few decades.

Significant events of the Dawn of the Third Age of Mankind

    The Earth-Minbari War

      This would open the door for Earth and Minbari relations. These two races would be the dominant races in the Third Age of Mankind and the outcome of this war created the Babylon Project.

    The Babylon Project

      Created under the Presidential Administration of Luis Santiago, the Babylon Project would eventually yield Babylon 5, the last of the Babylon Stations.

    Babylon 5

      B5 would serve as a nexus of interplanetary diplomacy. Though created as "The last best hope for peace", it would be the last best hope for survival once the final Shadow War began.

      Babylon 5 would also be the seed bed for the future Third Age of Mankind entity, the Interstellar Alliance.

    The Shadow War of 2260-2261

      The Last of the Shadow Wars would be the watershed that would encourage the younger races to band together and defy the defiled philosophies of the parent races {The Shadows and the Vorlons.}

      In January of 2261, The Army of Light stood in defiance of the First Ones, at Coriana 6, and demanded the right of self-determination.

      The Vorlons and the Shadows left Beyond the Rim, leaving the Humans, Minbari, Centauri, Narn, and the League of Non-Aligned Worlds to themselves.

    The Third Age of Mankind had now begun.

The Third Age of Mankind officially begain in the Babylon 5 episode Into the Fire, when Lorien, the Shadows, and the Vorlons departed for the rim along with the other First Ones.

The Third Age of Mankind is not a reference to humans only, instead it is in reference to every space-faring species in the galaxy at the time.

With the dawn of the Third Age of Mankind, humans among every other species had the gaalaxy to themsleves for the first time. There were no giants in the playground for the first time in the memory of those species; there were no parental-figures to look up to, seek advice from, and obey.

In the Third Age of Mankind, the sentient species of the galaxy were fully in control of their own fates for the first time.

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