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By their own definition, DeKuyper means 1. n. A colorful palette of flavors; 2. adj. Mouth-watering; 3. adj. Fruity; 4. adj. Sweet; 5. adj. Energetic; 6. adj. Versatile; 7. adj. Sexy; 8. adj. Sophiscated; 9. adj. Delicious; 10. n. Colorful cocktails.

Over 300 years ago (late 1700's) the DeKuyper family of Cincinnati, OH began creating original liqueurs. Combining traditional expertise with modern inventions, and adding imagination they have remained a leader in the ever changing liqueur market.

DeKuyper is probably best known for their Original Peachtree® Schnapps, Hot Damn®, and Pucker® Sour Apple Pucker Schnapps. DeKuyper & Son have created a wide range of exciting colors and flavors.

Since the beginning they have been perfecting the process. The Colorful World of DeKuuper has always been about infusing the best flavors from the best ingredients with herbs, seeds, citrus peel, fruit, and many more natural products.

The process is achieved in one of two ways. In one instance, fresh and dried fruits are placed in alcohol for several weeks. This infusion contains the very essence of the fruit. In the second instance seeds, herbs, and citrus peel are distilled, resulting in a liqueur with the taste of the natural ingredients. (A good example of this method is Triple Sec, which is distilled from orange peels).

Utilizing both new and traditional recipes, the resultant liqueurs are prepared. Ingredients that range from brandy, herbs, spice distillates, and sugars are added. This mixture is then allowed to sit, or age. At which point the colorful, flavor rich liqueur is packaged in the recognizeable Schnapps bottle.

Some examples of the wonderful, colorful, flavor-rich world of DeKuyper are:

DeKuyper has created over 50 different liqueurs, brandies, Schnapps, and rums. Chances are, if you've ever had a mixed drink, you've tasted DeKuyper. In the world of cocktails and cordials, DeKuyper provides the most flavors and colors available for your mixing imagination.

All trademarks property of John DeKuyper and Son, cincinnati, OH. Information above was gathered in part at the following website: http://www.dekuyperusa.com/

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