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No, it is not a good evening.

What's left of the stir fry (which was so lovely in my mouth) lurks in my bowels, fermenting and bubbling and occasionally spurting out my arse. I've been sitting on the toilet so long I'm loosing feeling in my legs. White tiles and light and porcelain completely the wrong setting for these dirtiest of cramps and spasms and noises. The dense textbook on electronics I grabbed as reading material is weighing me down.

I feel a little better now. But this damned cockroach obviously feels better because he is just running around in the liveliest way. Shoo, get out from there, no THE OTHER way you fucking stupid insect I don't want to have to use the shoe now that would just get guts everywhere.

From my room I run sliding over the greasy floor of the kitchen (curse that stir fry), to find a bottle of pressurised neurotoxin which is totally safe to use indoors. Schhhhr oh man it is dusty back here schhhhhhrrrrr cough slurp cough argh, I should clean this out.

Eh, a bit more. Schhrr.

Nothing like that wonderful chemical smell of insecticide in your bedroom. Oh man my eyes are watering from all the dust I really need to break out the vacuum cleaner this weekend.

This weekend. Time! Time is what I will have on the weekend. I can fit in dragon boat training and that housewarming party and test the new equipment I got for my workbench and finish prototyping that fuzz box circuit and and and I promised I go down to Manly and get wasted with my guitarists...time time time. Use it or lose it.

Because soon I will go to bed and then get up and groggily eat and dress and drive and sit and work...again and again for seventy-six more days. Shit, has it really been nine weeks at this job? I haven't written anything at all since I started...

One year. One year of hell and Dilbertesque cubicles and then I can go back to university 100% debt free with fistfuls of cash for as long as I want and move out of home and go travelling and have the time to perform and write revues and organise clubs and date girls and find magical kingdoms and meet magical unicorns. I will have achieved something.

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