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aka D.R.O.D

A 1996 shareware puzzle game made by Webfoot Technologies. The player takes control over Beethro Budkin, intrepid dungeon exterminator. In this turn-based, square-centered game, Beethro can do one of three things:

  • Move - in one of the eight directions
  • Swing his sword - which can move around the eight surrounding squares, one per turn
  • Wait - Sometimes useful, but will usually get you killed

Enemies include cockroaches, who will blindly charge Beethro, and snakes that can only be killed by maneuvering them into dead-ends, among many, many, others.

The game starts fairly easy, but quickly reaches very difficult puzzles. And with over twenty levels, with dozens of rooms each (on average), this game can take a long time.

As the creator, Erik Hermansen, mentions in the help files,

...I noticed that it was extremely easy to make them too difficult...Right away, on level four, you will find things getting downright tricky, and it doesn't get any easier as you go.

All-in-all, D.R.O.D. is for those puzzle-game enthusiasts who don't mind maddening puzzles and endless levels.

This game can still be found at The Home of the Underdogs, www.theunderdogs.org

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