A small town deep in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Incorporated in 1876, Deadwood was originally a mining town formed after the discovery of gold in the Black Hills.

Some of it's famous visitors include "Wild Bill" Hickok, Calamity Jane, and Wyatt Earp. Wild Bill was killed in Deadwood, and both he and Calamity Jane are buried there.

Some of Deadwood's other claims to fame are it had the first telephone exchange in the state of South Dakota, and its numerous gold mines. Some of the old mines are open to limited tourism, at least one of which visitors can still pan for gold.

The town itself is filled with many historic saloons, hotels, and museums.

In 1989, limited-stakes gambling was legalized in Deadwood to rejuvinate the tourism industry. It is now considered the Las Vegas of the upper Midwest.

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