(Also known as DFA, also in some circles as DOA) A desperate form of attacking in which attacking BattleMech uses jump jets or height difference to jump on target BattleMech.

If executed properly, this attack does damage to both attacker (feet of the 'Mech take damage), and the target (upper torso, possibly head, and probably also pilot, takes damage). Since head is often the most vulnerable part of 'Mech (but hard to hit otherwise), this maneuver might be very devastating! However, due to high potential of foot damage for attacker, this attack is often discouraged, except in critical situations.

(See also: BattleTech)

The Highlander's massive HildCo jump jets were designed to lift the BattleMech over inconveniently placed buildings, but the designers knew damn well that some daring pilots would try to use its jump capability to land on other 'Mechs.
The engineers gave the Highlander impressively thick Lang composite armor on the legs and re-designed the internal skeleton in its feet and lower legs to incorporate hydrolic shock absorption. these tweaks allow the Highlander's actuators to withstand the repeated stress caused by this devastating maneuver.
The jump jets were also re-designed to allow a pilot to automatically redirect the force of his jets to compensate for landing on a moving foe.
Over the years, a Highlander's death from above attack became known as a "Highlander burial". A maneuver which guarantees a light 'Mech will literally be driven into the earth by the force of the Highlander landing on top of it.

Motto associated with the airborne infantry, specifically the paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division. The phrase "Death From Above" has turned up in countless places, from Flaming Carrot Comics (where it is painted on the Mystery Men's gunship) to the movie version of Starship Troopers (whose mobile infantry heroes have the slogan tattooed on their arms).

"Death From Above" is also a drink containing Bacardi, gin, and Coca-Cola. It is also the name of a heavy metal band whose Web page declares that they have recorded "the most evil record anyone has ever heard."

54b says "Actually the 101st Airborne Division is an Air Assault division. They only retain the name Airborne because they were Airborne in World War II."

Death from above is a kill (esp. a frag) that comes from above the target.

The best example of this would be in the Starsiege: Tribes video game when the kill is obtained by a player employing his jetpack and disk launcher while his victim is grounded. However, any weapon used can be called death from above.

In other games where a player can use rockets, grenades, or other methods of becoming airborn killing from his advanced height is also death from above. The best weapons to use during this is are contact explosives. This is becuase they (unlike you) have ground near them (typicaly under their feet) making it so you do not need a dirrect hit but they do.

DISCLAIMER: such a tactic can cause injury or even death! CrAzE will not be held acountable for any above stated problems. Use at your own risk!

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