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I am SO SICK of people dying.

18 months ago my lover died from diabetes.

That was truly horrible, and I'll node about it sometime. But not today.

3 weeks ago, my brother died.
I noded that obsessively, I'm afraid.

At his funeral, I learned that my grandfather died four months ago.
Last I heard, he was courting my grandmother, who he divorced in favour of her best friend when I was a child.

Then on Friday, a neighbour knocked on my front door. She told me the man who has lived next door since we moved here when I was 5 died the previous night.

And now my lover's father's friend is dying too.

I feel like some weird sort of gore-crow.

And I've discovered something interesting.

Death makes me so damn tired.

So all you people out there...
Just stop dying.

For a little while, anyway.


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