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It’s what is responsible for all the matter in our Universe!

Particles, Bosons, etc, all decay in time into other particles. Hawking Radiation at the birth of the universe (see big bang) gave rise to vast quantities of particles, anti-particles, and mediators that were all destined to cancel each other out in the end, leaving us with a universe devoid of matter. That would have been our fate indeed, until the X boson began decaying. The vast majority of X’s decayed into equal numbers of particles and antiparticles, but fortunately enough for us, the X also very rarely (one in several million) decays in a manner that leaves us with one extra proton and electron (as well as some other stuff) with no corresponding anti-particles!

We have the X boson to thank for every thing in life that we enjoy! This includes but is not limited to: your lover, your dog, the ocean, credit cards, pickles, monkeys, back massages, and spark plugs!

Credit is due (again) to Dr. Steve Brusca, and the text: Cosmic Essays.

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