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Since E2 is on GMT, I can say with certainty that today is officially set day for my modular house. The move has been 5 years in the making, between starting to subdivide the farm and actually putting a house on it. The modules came Saturday and are waiting by the foundation for the big crane to set them in place. My builder tells me that if everything goes well, the modules will be set, the roof will be shingled, and the porch installed by the end of the day. Our biggest worry has been the weather, which for the most part has been atrocious all month, but tomorrow promises partly cloudy skies, with highs around 50. As good as can be asked for this time of year.

Of course, this does not mean that the house is done, there is several weeks of work left, including the basement and attic floor and stairs, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing to connect and tie in. The builder and his tradespeople will do the majority of the work, but I plan to do a ceramic tile floor in the bathroom myself. Not a major job, nor one that needs a licensed plumber or electrician, but it is something that I am doing to make the house mine. I get this feeling about my automobiles and the like, they aren't really mine until I get my hands dirty adding a stereo, or doing more than trivial repairs myself.

I'll be getting up early, my builder says that he will be there at 5:30 AM to wait for the crane and set crew.

I Piss On Your Leg

It is late, the bar is crowded and I have been sitting here far too long. I am just enjoying another swig of my favorite beer as I feel a tingling that starts at the stomach and works it's way down to my groin. The tingling turns into a pressure and the pressure becomes an immediate need to relieve myself. I feel like a hose that has the end plugged tightly by a thumb of good proportion. The pressure is building and without proper release someone is going to get very wet.

Seeing as I must do something about this minor inconvenience I rise from my crusty bar stool and hurriedly make my way into the horde of drunkards. The going is slow. There is an indeterminate amount of bodies between my destination, the men's room, and me. I'm afraid I may not make it. I keep stepping on my fellow bar patrons' feet and collect quite a feel angry growls and glares. I apologize but some look as though they still wish to pound me silly for my grievous offenses.

Slowly I make my way to the other end of the room. My goal is now within reach. I am brimming with anticipation of relief, as my eyes never leave the glorious blue sign. It reads in white letters: Men's Room. My hand slaps the worn brass hand panel set in the black wood of the door and pushes it open. I'm assaulted with the salty stale smell of urine as I enter the restroom. Almost home, I think to myself. Ah, relief is almost at hand. I step up to one of the urinals, minding not to get too close to the restroom’s other patrons, as I do not wish to make them uncomfortable. I look to the heavens as I pull down my zipper. My entire body is tingling now, and the need for release is overpowering.

Something is wrong. Something is very wrong. It seems that I have had a little bit too much to drink. When pulling up to the urinal it looks as though I pulled up sideways and I’ve already begun to relieve myself on the patron next to me. He is a not a slight man. His long hair and large full beard that reaches nearly half way down his hulking girth gives him the look of a ferocious bear. He has arms that are as big around as my legs. His right pant leg is soaked with my piss. I can only stand there staring as my mouth betrays me and begins to curl slowly into a smile. To my horror I am laughing uncontrollably still pissing away on his leg. I'm afraid this is the end of me.

Today is a very exciting day in that I get to announce that I received a call PERSONALLY from the director of admissions at Grove City College (www.gcc.edu). He called to inform me that I was cordially accepted to attend the spring semester at Grove City, and that classes start the week of the 19th. I'm very excited. My plans are to get my undergrad. In English and a minor in Chemistry, and go on to get a master's in Biology/Education so that I can teach high school biology. I have been taking classes at the local community college (www.tri-c.edu), and I'm not entirely sure how the classes will transfer since I just found out that I am accepted today, but I look forward to mounts of paperwork and scheduling. I also look forward to new classes, new people, and new surroundings. This year seems to hold a lot in store for me, it's funny how a 15 minute phone call can change your life (unfortunately not always for the good); luckily, in my case it was.

I want to take a moment to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and an especially blessed New Year, I know mine will be; and I thank all of you who helped me get here!

Love and Regards,


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