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An orange has feelings too you know.

An orange has large pores. Maybe you could use some foundation first to disguise them. And a little concealer also. Then the orange will have some self-confidence.

I am using modern time travel here, as I currently believe it to be monday the 5th, around midday. Strange beautiful world. Damn those categories to hell, usefull as they are. They stifle the flow of thought as I strive for apropos, instead of thinking laterally, like our wonderful hyperlink context. All that has a name is not all that is. Editors: I am not trying to introduce subterfuge here, nor create more work for you. In truth I appreciate the categories. However, you can still be left contemplating your navel

I WILL go master HTML tags right now before I make this place any uglier. Thank you for your tolerance readers.

Chicken bones are good for your soul, right? Or was that soup?

Tonight we ate chicken. The roomie only cooked it because I've managed to sleep fourteen hours, cough up a lung, and whine pitifully to my hot longhaired boyfriend, as I have been for several days.

In related issues, I've also managed to drink two gallons of orange juice and yet not feel better.

The boyfriend hasn't been much help, his Halo 2 fix has him talking about taking vacations in less hostile shores, referring to the needler as "a very interesting weapon", and basically ignoring the infectious beauty of his girlfriend.

In still other news, perhaps later tonight I'll have less mindless drivel to produce and maybe post up a node more worthwhile. Don't hate me, give me inspiration.

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