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yay! I got the apartment! happy happy!

And I might get another kitty. The building manager suggested it because she met Toby when they were in repairing my heating and he was all "give me love! meow meow meow!" and I thought wow, what a good idea! I'll actually have enough room for two cats in my new place, and Toby won't be so lonesome while I'm away at work. He meows at the door when I'm away whenever someone passes, even if I've only been gone for five minutes to go change my laundry. My apartment will be twice as allergic! Beware!

Why does Deborah909 get so many wonderful softlinks? I think she has a secret admirer.




I haven't noded for a while...

I wonder why...

Prehaps It's because I don't have anything interesting to say.. Nah, It's beacuse I've been too busy. That's right folks, I've been workin! Spliting my time between school and work is really exhausting.

I'm going to be an uncle again. My Sister-in-law announced that she was pregnant with number 2 last week... I don't know if that's a good thing or not. The funny thing about this is that I knew that she was pregnant before she did... I could tell somehow. Freaky.


All I've done today is watch this movie over and over. Typed up my sister's report while watching it, ate my ramen while watching it, and noded while watching it.
Earlier today I took my English 1301 exam. Second one to finish. Hopefully I did good.*crosses fingers* I have my H&R Block final exam tomorrow. I have to have know 24 forms by tomorrow. Perhaps I should study. 8 ball study for exam? reply: Unlikely.

Got into an arguement with "friends". Nobody will admit to vandalizing my car during our Car Wars. Whoever ripped off my rain guard was out of line. Hopefully I will find out soon who it was...
A year ago today, my ex boyfriend dumped me. We did make up and get back together, though at this time last year he made me feel like shit. Best not to think about it...

"Some people shouldn't be allowed to drive"


     On the way home from the Biomedical Library, I passed one of those lifted, chrome-enhanced, testosterone-fueled trucks. The driver was some hispanic guy in his mid-twenties. I contined driving through my shortcut and noticed that this guy was following me - closely - with his brights on. Well, there are two things that piss me off in this world, tailgating and blinding; this guy was doing both. As soon as we came to a two-lane road Mr. Man passed me honking and screaming. I caught up, his girlfriend looked at me and all I could do is smile and wink at her. She laughed, he fell behind and my day was saved.
     Back at home I learn that one of my nodes (Noder's Tourette's) had been nuked anonymously, I let it slide but soon was borged for getting into an argument about gun control in the main channel. Hmm. Suck. Restoring my hope in humanity I made a pizza and watched the telly until falling asleep.
     Carrie is quite intruiging. She's had a boyfriend for three years but seems unsatisfied with him. He's posessive, fairly ignorant and just doesn't suit her socially. I respect her more than to do something hectic, although we have made it clear that we find each other irresistable; she asked me to talk to her under the stars again, God is she beautiful - and insightful, and caring. Hmm. More girls should be like her.


Yay! The Wakeup Project is going well... I actually got up at 10:30!

Okay, what's the sad story this time? I had a bad night. I... well, was unable to sleep (too much coffee and such), complained at #gimp and didn't really wish they'd hear...

...at four or so I picked up something to eat. Noticed I had been too absent-minded yesterday that I didn't had even remembered to eat anything!

Well, time to face the challenges of the day. (Should that phrase be trademarked? =)

(Wow, I appear in the Snapshot... Strange... =)


So, hmm... tomorrow is the day I'll suck, I guess. Or not. OO Programming exam? Just theory and stuff, right? The excercises seemed fairly "possible", so I hope I'll pass.

(This half year has been BAD...)

OK, need to inhale some information.


Spent some painful moments with Java and stuff. I wish Java would have as easy text handling stuff as Perl... Hmm, maybe I'll make prototype of this recursive menu parsing stuff (programming assignment, to be returned before spring =) in Perl.


Hmmmm... I have something wrong.

I used to be somewhat good at some things, but now I seem pretty... demented. I don't know what's going on, but it seems I've turned into an idiot.

Evidence? I wrote that GIMP tutorial last night. Even a tame monkey could figure out what that stuff was about. I wrote a small Perl scriptlet that displays a dialog OR runs an app depending on conditions, total 10 minutes of work with Perl + Glade... Am I stupid or something??? I'm nowhere near the (feeble) level I used to be. In short, I'd like to say I'm beaten...

(And I put this comment at wrong time first. Damn I'm stupid.)


I would really need to get yiffed or something... No time for that though. =(

Judging from the Node Heaven, I participated in grand total of 3 GTKYNs. Waaah! I'm a loooo-oo-ooser! My street credibility among level 1 noders is nearing zero! =)

Oh, damn, they nuked "Teach yourself 'Hello, world!' in 24 languages", too, even when it wasn't really a GTKYN and was actually useful... It had +24 rep. Oh well, XP won't pay the rent, so I think I'll just re-node that someday under a much better title. (6502 would look more appropriate place...)


(Is wa7 becoming "The Node Linked To All Daylogs" or something? =)

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.: exception embedded system tailhole 6502 6502 indirect JMP bug JMP

Updated: BatMUD

Nukerequested: Some crap, one GTKYN submission. (I think that'll be all... =)

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So, working for Sony has some perks after all; I can borrow a new funky looking digital satellite box to use at home. I have to send bug reports in, but I suppose I don't mind that at all. Apparently the box is a little better than my panasonic box, but I don't know in what way. The main benefit I can see is that it will match my new silver VCR.

I woke up to my fiancee's voice this morning; the new cordless phone is rather useful for that, but I shall have to remember to put it right by my bed, rather than across the room. I don't want to have to get up at all, just reach across and say "Hi" with a sleepy smile. As always, our telephone conversations are dreamy; talking about all sorts of really nice things, reaffirming our bond together.

Excuse me while I sigh contentedly

I can't understand people who hate, or in some way question, long distance relationships. Sure, you can miss someone deeply and the pain can be awful. But the joy of talking to your beloved, the utter happiness when they say the things you are thinking of, can make the distance fall away. Saying that you are not having a proper relationship unless you are together, unless you are going out to coffee together is just wrong. The things that you share with someone, the depth, the power at which your souls resonate overshadows the fact that you are not together. You're not touching physically, but your hearts are tied together in a way that, I think, a "normal" relationship couple wouldn't understand. That's not to say that a long distance relationship is better, just different.

More later, my little fondant fancies...

Today, I did it again. I managed to get out of bed within 15 minutes of the alarm going off!!. A rare occurence.
The problem came with cycling to work. It was wet, it was fucking windy. I am still not happy. My trousers are still wet!

Well, now I'm in work, the client once again has failed to provide us with:

  1. devices to test

  2. resources to test those devices if we had them

  3. the passwords to use those resources even if we had those

Don't get me wrong, this is a good thing. It means that I can node without feeling guilty that I should be doing something constructive. It also means that if we don't finish testing on time, we can just blame them. Again.
Apart from the whole wet and windy thing, not a bad start to the day. I'm still looking forward to going to the Pub for lunch (I always manage to bring it around to Pubs - do you think there's something in that).

Updates as they happen. Unless somebody gives me some real work.

14:49 - Update - Client has sent a device by post, doesn't work. More noding!

This is my first node from my new laptop HP 5170. I got one hell of a good deal on it too. I bought it at the CompUSA taht I used to work at, and not only did I not get charged full price, but I was not charged tax, or full price for the Extended Warranty.

It's nice, fast powerful, and sexxy (to a geek anyway).

It's FRIDAY WOO-HOO!!! I'm so ready for it too. I might be goin to college station, that would be fun, maybe goin to Dallas, that would be fun, or may have to go to Houston, that would suck. See if I go to College Station I can see Allison, if I go to Dallas I can see Saria, but, I may have promised Jimmy I would accompany him to Houston. I hate Houston, but at least I could go to the best Gun Shop in Texas, that would be ok...

Our IS department is losing a battle against the corporate offices to control a secure terminal in their building, that apparently is messedup pretty bad, but none of our techs have security clearance to work on this machine. WHAT did I join the military somewhere while working here? SECURITY CLEARANCE, fine, fix the machine your self then...
Oh, what's that? You don't know how to fix it?
Well sorry we don't have clearance.
Without this machine working no one except for the hourly people get paid. They better do something fast. Or else their are going to be alot of angry people. I hate politics in the work environment, they just don't mix.

It's a friend of mine's birthday and I have yet to get her present. I went to WalMart and found a cd she likes. I shudder at the name, Creed. Grrr. I waited in line while a lady in front of me paid for her items with a new 20 dollar bill. The cashier took her money and gave the lady back her change. I gave the cashier the cd and she opened for me, blah blah blah, I gave her my new 20 dollar bill. The lady puts it on the counter and swipes it with those black pens that check to see if they're counterfeit. "That bitch!" I thought. She gets my change and had the audacity (thank you clearpebbles for the word, hehehe) to smile at me and say, "Thank you."

I drove to HEB because my car was already on the red of the E, meaning empty. I decided to just fill her up. She took $15 worth and I leave.

I wanted to go to the new Jack In The Box that they built in town, maybe 2 weeks old. There is a super long line of people. "Ehh, just let the fad die down," I thought. (note: what is with the name Jack In The Box? If you single out the Jack and then say In The Box, it sounds like they want you to jack off in the box) I decided to go to McDonalds, same dilemma. Wendys is right next to it and there's no line and I have 20 minutes to work so it looks very good. I drive-through and get my food. I park outside CiCi's Pizza and eat with the music on full blast. I finished and started driving to work. I noticed that I was a bit early so I decided to drive around and I spotted a cemetary.

I drove into the cemetary and parked. I got off my car and walked around for about 10 minutes because I had work. At the cemetary I feel at peace and I have the thought of coming everyday or at least every work day and leave a flower a day on one burial spot until they all have one. I realize that this may just be me coping with my death and how I would want the same done to me, or maybe I'm just a nice guy.

"Work sucks, I know" Same old boring stuff.

After work I drove to my friends house and we went out with friends, her mother driving. We went to Kumoris, a sushi place, they had something called a California Roll, which has crab and seaweed and all this yucky stuff. Her mom has a squid salad and a spider roll. I had my fried rice with chicken, beef, and shrimp, all cooked thank God. We went to the mall, walked around, talked about society and their judgements, then we all went home. Her mother ran 3 red lights, one of which was right in front of a cop, I enjoyed it immensly.

I wasn't going to write anything, but now I am.

I've decided to force myself to output something even though I probably don't have anything interesting to say. I suppose E2 is good in the sense of at least allowing some sort of outlet for the brain. I usually use E2 to start my days, giving my brain a chance to jumpstart my neurons.

I had a nice little argument last night with my Love. This happens whenever our beliefs seem to collide with one-another - hers with mine. I'm thinking that we should probably find a better way to deal with situations like that.

I wake up today with heavy eyes. I also ignore my clock radio, even though it is giving me some half-hilarious dialogue from the Humble and Fred show. I rarely remember anything that makes me laugh. It's as if those moments slips me out of consciousness and simultaneously shoots me through another time continuum.

There is no traffic on the 407! I'm wondering where all the people went! I suppose most of them took today off, being Friday and close to the holiday season. This is the second time I've reached the office in near-record-time!

Ugh, my dent is still on my car. And then I find another dent, one slightly less obvious. It is above my other one on the same side. I can't believe it. I may be a victim of vandilism, not just an accident. Now I find myself checking out the window a few times making sure no one is hanging around my car. Thanks a lot, dumbass driver! Now I'm getting paranoid!

fight! fight! fight!

Had a huge argument with Ben last night (funny, does this sound familiar?) This kind of routine screamed on the phone in the loudest of voices:

him: "If you think I am like your brother, I might as well go and fuck other girls! Are you listening to me? Put the phone back on your ear!"

me: "Would you fucking listen for one second! I have listened to your bullshit crap for an hour, now let me say one sentence. Are you ready?"

My sister thinks this will inflict damage on our future children. Two hours later, we were all "I love you" and "Bye sexy." This fight was tame compared to how it used to be, once he spat in my face and once, well, we don't talk about that now. It doesn't hurt me anymore because I am indestructible after all. I just have to learn how to diffuse these situations before they start. People always blame the guy for this type of thing but I know the 'finger' (whatever finger that may be) can be pointed at both of us. Everyone is responsible for their own choices.

Told the girl at Starbucks this morning about the ihatestarbucks.com website. She thought it was pretty funny but went on to say this was the best job she has ever had because of benefits etc. I was wondering if she really meant it or if she was simply towing the company line. In Starbucks, I almost finished Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates. It was great at first, but now he is using the book as a mouthpiece for his religious beliefs. Yawwwwn.

It's my birthday today.

So I got up on time to finish off the cream-and-pineapple pie and packed up the other two (see Arretjescake) heading off to work. Thing is, it's a Dutch custom to bring in pies for your colleagues, to be eaten during the coffee break between 10 and 10.30 am. We skipped that, and ate the whole day long because I baked way too much.
The other years I got marriage proposals because of my baking results (??), but this time they were amazed that even a geek woman can bake and because of that they were thinking+saying "that I know it all" (this definitly is untrue), as if the fact that I can bake makes me "a complete person"!! not. or do men think so??

Anyway, I had emails and Hallmark stuff from friends (not from my family yet, hm!), so the day wasn't really productive at all (as if the other days are), and just half an hour to go before the weekend starts :-)
Still unpacking after last weekend's move.

One of the women who used to live in this house is an old friend of my husband. They have this platonic thing happening which I cannot relate to, but so what. The main idea is that she is a horse's ass, but I cannot say anything bad about her. Anyway, she couldn't move her stuff out before we moved in, even though she was already sleeping in the new place.

I figured it would all be in her room, but no - it took up half the living room, and little doodads were here and there in her bedroom. I didn't say anything, because it would piss off the SO, but I pushed all the stuff in her room into one corner.

Well, then she said there was no storage space in her new house, and could she leave some things in our attic? The attic is very big, she said. And my SO said, oh yes, it's very big, go ahead and leave your things. And she said, it's just a few things. And I was very nice about it, too...

Until last night when I wanted to put some our our stuff in the damn attic and saw that she'd filled up the whole thing!

Had a dinner party last night. My wonderful girlfriend cooked a tagine. My friends came over and we drank wine and talked and smoked butts and made plans to all go to Iceland together. My magical friend The Captain Chase Manhattan has already somehow gotten in touch with the department of state there. What a man.

Ahh what a wonderful night, slept in today (cause I told my boss I would be late, in anticipation of the festivities) woke up, it was snowing. Snow in Brooklyn is like tall cool rum drinks in paradise. At least this one was.

Rock on brothers and sisters, rock right the fuck on.
On Wednesday at the end of my Spanish class the professor announced that one of the girls in the class had committed suicide the previous night.

I only knew her through that class, and not well from there. We never spoke more than "What did she say the assignment was?" but I liked her. We all took lots of shit from the prof. in that class and while some of us would cower and whine when faced with the criticism she just sat there and took it without apology. I thought it was strange Wednesday that she wasn't there because she was supposed to do her oral presentation. The fact that she wasn't mentioned by one person in class yesterday makes me think we are just a bit dysfunctional. I know there are other people in the class who knew her better than I did.

The university hasn't officially confirmed that it was suicide; the email they sent out and the student newspaper said only that she fell down the stairwell. I suppose that from what I know it's possible it wasn't suicide but I tend to believe the rumors which say there was an eyewitness and that it was in fact suicide. If someone decided it needed to be kept under cover I wonder if it was the university or her parents. I had plenty of my own irrational thoughts as to the causes but they're not worthy of being shared here. Things like this always happen at the end of semesters.

I have a good friend who has attempted suicide several times. More than ever I hope for selfish reasons he never succeeds; death, and especially suicide, is too rude an awakening even to people who hardly know the person.

I just finished taking my college algebra final exam. I just realized that I fucked up. I have always fucked up in everything that I have done. Maybe I am just not cut out for this university shit. But what the hell should I give it another chance yea. I think I will one more semester next spring I should do my best. This semester I was just thinking of other things in my mind, but I think they have left my system now I hope but I will try to do better. I hope I don’t piss people off, especially clearpebbles with that She doesn’t care node.

well another day of pain and suffering that is otherwise known as school. I got back a assignment for my business course and happily discovered that i had not done very well..... But that is done and so i must look forward to the future.

I had meant to put the story i am about to tell in the wensday daylog but i just forgot, but anyway here it is.

one of my mates (phil who is a really good jazz trumpet player) asked me that day if i wanted to go and see i jazz saxophone player called Pete King, i being into jazz naturly aggreed to go ( i also went becasue i knew we would all end up pissed!) so anyway of we went to the Derby rooms (where this band was playing) and we got in and got our beers and sat down at a table and got very comfortable.

Pete King came on and started to play some really good jazz, and i really started to get into it, even though my sight of this truly wonderous player was partly obscured by people sitting in front of me. The night went on quite happly for me until this woman came in and decided to sit right in front of me, now i dont mean i couple of meters away but her chair was TOUCHING mine, she was that close i could see the nits in her hair!!!. well anyway this woman seemed compeltley oblivious of me she was that iggnorant that in the end i had to move!!

Well thats about it but that stupid woman runied my night becasue half of the time i could not see anything apart from her head!

Hrmm...a brief hiatus from the E2 site has left me feeling sad and lonely, so I feel the urge to write coming over me again. Damn this evil place.

The past month has breezed by most uneventfully. My 24th birthday came and went, and I'm still working at the Gap. Today is my mother's birthday, I suppose getting her a gift would be a good idea. I'll have to look and see what can be found at the mall today when I'm on my lunchbreak.

Like many, the holidays are leaving me feeling a bit down. This is such a dreadful time of year to be single. Like alot of single gay boys out there, I could really go for a snuggle under the blankets on a cold winter night, but in the same sense, being single ain't so bad. I'm really getting used to it, and I don't mind so much. I figre the right guy will come along at the right time...whenever that is.

Another lovely dress-up Friday

For whatever reason, lately I have begun to dress-up on Fridays. Today I am wearing (*shudder*) a flowery black, white, and grey, skirt; a nice, slutty, black shirt; black boots; and these silly little pastel hair clips all over, in my hair. I think I dress-up on Fridays because most people dress-down, but that would be hard to do, given my usual working attire. Either the scale pertaining to dressing-up vs. dressing-down stretches out both ways to infinate degrees of nice versus nasty, or there is some point where the scale loops back around. I am going with the latter of the two ideas.

I likely won't get much accomplished at work today. It is so nice out! I am going to run to the parking lot, after typing this, and finish screwing the last two signs into the metal wall by the company parking lot. This evening, I am to be kidnapped and taken to Santa Cruz, so I will probably be taking off from work a little bit early to throw some clothes and stuff together for the weekend and to say my tearful goodbye to the cats. (I don't really feel that bad about leaving the cats, but it makes them feel better if I pretend that I do.)

I haven't gotten anything done today, or very little, as I predicted. After screwing in the signs, I decided to go to lunch. I dragged a couple guys with me to lunch, but made the mistake of mentioning that we were going to lunch, a little too loudly, when we were still back in the office. We were going to this wonderful little Greek deli, and I ended up taking to-go orders from half of the office before we were able to leave. After ordering the sandwiches, I went down to the Housewives' Market in Oakland to buy a pack of Gauloises. It is one of the few places that sells them. I then returned to the confusing task of getting the sandwiches paid for and sorting out everyone's change. We ate outside of the deli, as it was too nice of a day to go straight back to the office.

After this, I sat down and caught up on some email in the office. I looked up from my desk, and, low and behold, one of my good friends, whom I used to work with at EarthLink, was standing there. I knew he was coming down for an interview, but I forgot it was this Friday. It is strange to see an ex-coworker in your current workplace. It was great to see him. I ended up walking him and his friend over to my place to show off the dead FIAT.

After finally returning, I did my share of bullshitting with people, and tried to get some work done. Instead, here I am adding to this writeup.

morning ... morning ... morning ... morning ... morning

a nice long sleep, which was good after the long day yesterday was. unfortunately, morning comes too soon, but i am used to that.

my male cat chews on the little rubber flower that is one of six that should be stuck to the bottom of the tub. i am amazed, there are still three in there today. somedays they're all around the apartment. they need to be replaced, like two previous bathmats and one set of stick on strips, all victims to that ferocious of cats. i don't get it.

the last bowl of cereal from the box, full of those crumbs, that just make it not as appetizing, that ruin the texture. cranberry almond crunch i believe it was, blueberry morning with a different dried fruit.

Since my SO stayed home sick yesterday, I took the Intrepid, so the Cavalier lies buried under the snow, so I get to clear it all off, the first true indication that winter is here. digging out the car.

morning at work. or should it call it, morning on Everything. i work so little nowadays, and that is pretty bad, but the worse part is that nobody really seems to even care. they're paying me to node, to chat, to read, because they can't give me much in the way of work.

i still want a new job, i'm just not sure what i want to do.

lunch comes, and we decide taco bell sounds good, instead of finding things in the apartment, with the dishes not quite clean due to the lack of getting that dishwasher detergent yesterday. a not too long drive, without much trouble. I turn into the parking lot of a shopping center, where the entrance to the drive-thru is located. I realize I'm driving kind of in the center of the "road" through the parking lot, so i start to pull back over to the right. i hear the screeching of tires - there's a car practically next to me on the right. they weren't there when i turned in, so i have no clue where they came from, why they're driving next to me where they shouldn't be, and why the have a license in the first place.

they shoot me an evil glance, and i almost wish we had collided so the police can tell them it's their fault, but i know it's not really worth the trouble. I realize there are moments i wished i was a traffic cop so i could try and do something about all the idiots out there, but that i probably wouldn't enjoy it that much.

lunch is uneventful, and so has my afternoon been. maybe i'll get some work done. or likely not. i have the evening alone again, and promises to do some cleaning and maybe even some exercise. we'll see.

Hey Everything2... I'm back... today was cool... nice and easy... here's today's...

Notable Notables

  • Life was slow... saw lots of love in the chatter box earlier.
  • The girlfriend was sweet today. I helped her with her Sr. research project. I got a kiss for it.

    Gore Watch 2000: Update

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla.--Al Gore won a major victory today in his quest for the White House when the Florida Supreme Court ordered the manual recounts he sought in the state's contested presidential election.
    The Supreme Court shocked Republican lawyers when it ordered manual recounts statewide, reversing a lower court ruling that had rejected Gore's requests for the hand counts.
    The court split 4-3 in Gore's favor.
    "The Circuit court shall order a manual recount of all undervotes in any Florida county where such a recount has not yet occurred. Because time is of the essence, a recount shall begin immediately," court spokesman Craig Waters said.
    It was not immediately known how many ballots would be subject to the recount order.
    The court also trimmed George W. Bush's certified 537-vote lead in Florida to 154 votes by ordering that those tallies that had been counted in Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties be added to the totals of each candidate.
    The opinion overturned a ruling by Circuit Judge N. Sanders Sauls.
    The high court's ruling came almost two hours after Gore had been pushed to the edge of his legal options when two Leon County Circuit Court judges refused to throw out any of 25,000 absentee ballots that had been challenged in Martin and Seminole counties.
    In those cases, judges Nikki Clark and Terry Lewis ruled that "despite irregularities in the requests for absentee ballots, neither the sanctity of the ballots nor the integrity of the elections has been compromised," a court clerk read from a prepared statement.
    The elections "reflect a full and fair expression of the will of the voters," in Seminole and Martin counties, the clerk, Terre Cass, read.
    The ruling by the Supreme Court guaranteed to renew debate about how to decipher a vote on a paper ballot. It also left in doubt what would Tuesday, Dec. 12-- the deadline for Florida to certify its 25 representatives to the Electoral College.
    The high court ruling may have been foreshadowed by a surprising legal step taken by Bush's lawyers this morning when they filed papers to supplement arguments made Thursday before the Supreme Court.
    In a rare clarification one day after oral arguments, Bush's lawyer told the state Supreme Court it did not have authority to grant Gore's request to set aside Bush's 537-vote victory and order recounts of thousands of disputed ballots.
    Gore's lawyers rebutted in a last-minute filing of their own, telling the Supreme Court that Florida law made it clear that "the results of this election-- and every election" were subject to judicial review.
    The split decision was not surprising considering that the state Supreme Court justices posed tough questions for lawyers on both sides.
    "We're now here on December the 7th, with December the 12th, you know, fast approaching," Justice Harry Lee Anstead told Gore lawyer David Boies in the final question of the session. "How can we resolve an issue like that at this late date?"
    "There's never been a rule that says you have to recount all the ballots in an election contest," Boies replied. He said only a small fraction of more than 1 million ballots need be reviewed.
    Besides, he said, the Bush campaign never asked for a recount.
    Earlier, though, lawyers for Bush and Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris argued that the court would be exceeding its legal authority if it granted Gore the relief he seeks.
    Harris has already certified Bush's 537-vote lead, a margin Gore insists would evaporate if all the votes were counted.
    Joseph Klock, representing Harris, said the court would have to "create a pile of law" to grant Gore's request-- an obvious word of caution in view of a separation-of-powers argument that says that would intrude on the Legislature's prerogatives.
    An appeal was already being prepared in a third absentee ballot case dismissed Thursday by another local judge, said Alvin Smith, an attorney who represented a Florida Panhandle voter looking to throw out more than 12,000 votes in that region of the state.

    The plot thickens.... da dua duh..........

  • Cat hopped in the shower with me today.

    Strangest thing happened over the last two days. I went to Insomnia last night and this guy, who I met like six weeks ago, said he had been looking for me. He's an artist for Disney, not that that's impressive, but what he handed me was. It was a scarab! One that he had made from a resin and his own design, and it's HUGE!

    I came into work this morning, and Sheila had a small little bundle for me on my part of the framing table. She told me to open it up, and there was this beautiful turquiose colored SCARAB!!!!! Within twelve hours I had received two scarabs.

    This is awesome! See, the scarab is my trademark. I wear this big blue ceramic one around my neck, that I know weighs a quarter of a pound. I rarely take it off. And to know that people really have thought of me....I pretty much want to take back a lot of my anger I was feeling yesterday. Oh well...I'm going to a party in an hour....loving the build-up to the Full Moon.

    Symbols, patterns...everywhere. Keep your eyes open or you'll miss them.

    Ugh, I feel so sick today... But at least it's Friday.

    Sadly enough, I can't remember anything that happened before I went to school. Did I take a shower? Did I eat breakfast? Who knows, I don't.

    Language class was interesting, as usual. My teacher doesn't flinch when she uses the phrase "bastard of incest," which can be quite amusing. I got an A on a persuasive I spent 15 minutes on too, so that was cool.

    The rest of the day pretty much sucked. I'm always tired to begin with, and swimming in gym class isn't the best way to cheer me up. Today was the last day of swimming, though, so I guess I'm happy about that.

    Right now I'm going to go see my school's production of Fiddler on the Roof with my mom and grandma. Later...

    Right now: eating the chocolate chip cookie to end all chocolate chip cookies and listening to Club Nouveau's Lean on Me.

    Spent the day working and doing crappy chores. I have a fun crafty project for this weekend (room decorating time!), but I'll have to wait till tomorrow to get everything I need. My sister came down from Pennsylvania tonight; she's going to Florida tomorrow with my dad. We spent the evening swapping girl stories, stuffing our faces with lasagna, and reading dirty jokes; all in all, probably the "doing nothing" evening that I needed. It's odd to think that she's really 30 now-- it makes me wonder what the hell I'll be doing at that age, which is just a scary thought.

    Odd, but I can't stop thinking about the blue-eyed guy today. I don't need a relationship, and neither does he, but... he's taken up residency in the corners of my mind nonetheless. Well, regardless, I'll try and play it safe this time. We don't need any more drama than there already is.

    Too many muscle relaxers + too little sleep= a very foggy head.
    Today I discovered the wonders of cut and paste. Evidently that is cool or something.

    Don't get me wrong...I'll finish hard linking the whole thing over the weekend (although I've been meaning to teach myself a little Perl, and I was thinking it might be cool to write a search and destroy script that would turn all the keywords I wanted into links. I figure that shouldn't be too difficult a thing to do as a learning exercise.

    Also I did a lot of tedious pointing and clicking at work today. yippee.
    ...One day prior...One day more...

    12:04 PM EST - A Diabolical German Project

    After the slight panic of dragging in over $100 worth of groceries into the German class, it was time to unleash this insane project that my partner and I were terribly underprepared for.

    But it worked, it worked well, that's all what matters.

    Monday's the final "real" day of class. Then we begin the "artificial" days, aka Finals. Ungroovy. Very ungroovy. There's only one place that can get more ungroovy than this...

    5:05 PM EST - Say, have I ever mentioned that I hate my job?

    I walk in. I punch in. I check next week's schedule.

    I should have guessed that they prolly didn't quite get my Finals schedule sorted out in next week's... "offering". I did kinda turn THAT part in a tad late. Such as, last night, when I went shopping for the project.

    They didn't give me days off for finals.


    I marked on the damn sheet to have next Saturday off for Christmas Tree hunting.

    I marked that damn sheet before the deadline.

    I wanted that day off work.

    The fuckers just don't listen.

    Now they've scheduled me for that Saturday after I FUCKING WELL TOLD THEM I wanted it off. This is TWO weeks in a row they've pulled this shit.

    I'm convinced I know who does the schedules. And I'm convinced he's got some sort of problem with me. This is all of a sudden, too. He used to be just another manager before he got promoted to a line leader. Now he's a snotty bastard.

    About a week or two ago, he suddenly started glaring at me as opposed to actually greeting me when I walked by him. I wouldn't have thought anything of it except for what happened the second time. I greeted him, he glared at me, then ENTHUSIASTICALLY greeted the person right BEHIND me.

    Ever since, I've decided to return his favor and show him what nine months of bottle return work does to a guy's sanity. (That's sanity in the BAD sense, the "homicidal maniac" sanity, not "staying up all night coding" sanity) But either this manager goes, or I do.

    No, wait, I'll just go. Don't wanna make it seem like I WANT to be there. Time to check out job openings at Oakland U. I'm tired of fighting for my schedule to fit at Meijer, it's time to get a job with someone who might CARE.

    Oh, and I'm not gonna go into work next Saturday, either.

    12:30 AM EST - Cleanup!

    There. Just got done with a node cleanup. And damn, but someone's quick on the draw, they're already nuked. Spiffing.

    ADDED TO THE PLAYLIST OF CRAP: Equisite Dead Guy and (She Was A) Hotel Detective, both by They Might Be Giants. Coincidentally, this brings my total of TMBG songs to seven, surpassing my selection of R.E.M. by one.

    12:43 AM

    It was a good day. I finished my code finally, and spent about 3 hours outside of work. Two of those hours were spent at lunch where we went to Friday's. My co-workers even had an alcoholic beverage or two, so it was amusing to watch them de-sober a bit. The third hour was on a separate trip, to obtain a car part for TC. After all of the running around and having left work early, I probably only spent two hours at work today.

    We made plans to go see Dungeons and Dragons tonight, so I headed over to the gym to do a quick 40 minute workout so I could get back home and shower before the movie started. CR had over a dozen friends show up for the movie, so we monopolized almost an entire row at the theatre.

    The general feeling was that the movie had a lot of nice eye candy, but the story was kind of weak, especially the ending. We seemed to agree that it was all just a setup for a sequel, which seems to be the way movies are written nowadays.

    1:06 AM

    Just had a server go down at work.. luckilly I have remote access now to just log in and restart it, rather than a 20 minute drive. Technology can be good sometimes.

    I rented Army of Darkness from Netflix, and it's been sitting on my desk now for about two weeks. I think I'll take this time to watch it. I've heard it's a good movie.


    Weird movie. But, I enjoyed it. More info later. Very sleepy now. Goodnight.

    It's the twentieth anniversary of John Lennon's death. It's my mum's fiftieth birthday.

    I wonder what it would be like to have your teen idol and inspiration be shot on your first milestone birthday in years.

    It was the last day of classes this semester. It was the date of an interview I'd been looking forward to for months, and I am now almost officially a part of my school's Bachelor of Fine Arts program. I have now been accepted by a jury of my (significantly) elders as a painter. I now know for certain I'm staying in school next year.

    How fucked up is that?

    It was the first time I saw my ex-boyfriend in a month, and I'm told he still had to go kick a tree for ten minutes after he left the scene.

    It's the first time I haven't had to be doing something in weeks.

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