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Declan McCullagh may just be the most well known journalist to both techno-geeks and techno-politicos alike. He currently covers the intersection of technology and politics for News.com, writing stories and a weekly column. McCullagh also runs the Politech mailing list and its web version, politechbot.com.

McCullagh went to college at Carnegie Mellon University, where he studied cognitive science and wrote for the student newspaper, the Tartan. He isn't just a tech-nerd, though - he served as treasurer and president of the student body and was president of the CMU motorcycle club. He also was extremely involved in law and photography in addition to journalism.

A proficient C programmer, McCullagh was hired by NeXT in 1990, and by the next year was writing for NeXTWorld magazine. He also has helped co-author an IETF Internet draft, and worked for Xerox. He has been an avid Internet user since 1988, and in 1994 started his Politech mailing list, which covers the influence and effects of politics on technology. The list is a source of information for many stories picked up by web sites like Slashdot, 2600, and Kuro5hin, as well as breaking stories that later are covered by the major news media.

He has years of experience with Washington politics. He worked on Jerry Brown's 1992 presidential campaign, and lobbied for the Friends of the Earth organization. He was in the first White House "dot com" press pool, and was one of the first online journalists to receive press credentials from the U.S. Congress. He has also testified before the Federal Trade Commission.

He was the first online reporter to become a member of the National Press Club. McCullagh has written for online publications like Wired News, written a cover story for Time about satellite phones (in the story he espouses the virtues of satellite telephony, but, unfortunately, that technology is now as dead as Gary Condit's political career). He has covered stories from aboard Air Force One, and has written columns for George, Slate, The New Republic, Playboy, and The Wall Street Journal. He has also been a pundit on CNN, NPR, ABC, NBC, CBC, Fox News, and many others.

He belongs to the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, and has been a judge in many online and journalism competitions. He has also received a free speech award from the ACLU.

McCullagh has spoken at Stanford University, Harvard University, Georgetown University, and the University of Chicago. He is also a fellow of Case Western Reserve University's law school, and in 1999 was a visiting faculty member of George Mason University's Institute for Humane Studies.

Without Declan McCullagh's analyses and knowledge, the people at Slashdot (whose editors couldn't find their way out of a legal paper bag, much less use correct grammar) would be utterly clueless about laws involving technology.


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