Deep Banana Blackout is an amazing jam band from somewhere in the Northeast, and have recently become very widely known among Greatful Dead and Phish fans especially. In the last year alone, they played over two hundred shows nationwide. Their diverse sound combines elements of the many influences that the band has acquired over the years (they even did a show with DJ Logic!

Deep Banana Blackout formed in the summer of 1995 when members of two bands ("Tongue & Groove" from CT. and "Pack of Matches" from Long Island, NY) joined forces. As the chemistry of the musicians fell into place, they decided to unite for good, and become Deep Banana Blackout.

In July of 1997, DBB released their first studio effort entitled Live in the Thousand Islands. The album was recorded in Hartford, CT in the old Colt.45 building and was produced by the band members themselves.

In February of 1999, Deep Banana Blackout released their second recording, a double live CD called Rowdy Duty. The album was recorded in one night at 7 Willow St. in Port Chester, NY. The disc showcases the band’s energetic live performance and ability to improvise as well as their songwriting skills.

In 1999, the band's label Artkin Touchya Records released B'Gock!, a side project for DBB's guitarist Fuzz and his band "On the Corner w/ Fuzz" Also in '99 Drummer Eric Kalb and percussioninst Johnny Durkin went to work on jazz legend John Scofield's latest Verve release Bump. The album was featured on Billboard jazz charts and helped introduce DBB to a whole new (and appreciative!) jazz market. They were featured at the Newport Jazz Festival in the summer of 2000, as well as being the focal point of a feature article in Jazz Times.

From Irving Plaza in NYC to the Great American Music Hall in San Fransisco to Howlin' Wolf in New Orleans, Deep Banana Blackout has played to sold-out clubs and theaters nationwide.

"The Funk Mob" is a group of dedicated fans that will travel wherever the band is to help spread the energy that the band conveys (if this doesn't remind you of Dead Heads, nothing will).

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