"Deep Inside" is the 11th track on Incubus's album S.C.I.E.N.C.E. The entire band wrote the song, though Enzinger is commonly credited with the original ideas for songs. It, like its sister song "Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song)," is in the key of B minor, though guitarist Mike Enzinger heavily utilized modes here, as well.

Quite simply, this is the jazziest song Incubus has ever done and probably will ever do. While the lyrics tell of a few stoned buddies who stay out all night and do crazy, crazy shit (shit we never quite find out about), the music is sophisticated in its clarity and groove. The rest of S.C.I.E.N.C.E. could easily be dismissed as thoughtful nu-metal (without much thought), but "Deep Inside" is most definitely fusion, or the act of sticking jazz in with some funk bass (in this case, Dirk Lance, Incubus bassist) and a guy on the drums who knows exactly what to do (enter Jose Pasilla III).

Some things to know before diving into this superb peice of work:

First off, it's fusion. Most fusion doesn't have lyrics, and if it does, like this song most certainly does, then it won't make a lot of sense, like this song most certainly does not. The real meat of this song, along with any song about being stoned, is the music. The lyrics are there because, let's face it, the man can sing and there are some interesting lines coming out of his lungs.
Second, when Brandon Boyd says "Over and over we ask ourselves why don't we utilize things that are stored inside of our brains," the song can't decide whether to be complete fusion or have that metal twinge to it. That line is about as overdriven as they come, and sounds like it could have come out of "Nebula," the cool but messy-as-hell track before it. If you're looking to get into the groove, this line could distract you. But don't worry: better things lie ahead...
Third, Boyd says "fuck." Yay! It's the only time on this album. For more "fuck"ing with Incubus, check out the title track from "Make Yourself" he reviles "I'll fuck me in my own way" a few times over and over. Fun, fun!
Fourth, the guitar solo is off-the-hook. I mean, damn. Enzinger was in the zone and, considering the tasty, tasty modes he was using to express his inner jazzman, definitely knows what the hell he's doing. The solo carries the last minute of the song, and it will definitely sweep you away.

Incubus usually doesn't play this song live anymore. Back when they were touring this album, they did, but now they stray from any of the jazzy things they used to do (be that either of the two gems from S.C.I.E.N.C.E. or anything from Fungus Amongus or Enjoy Incubus.) The AT&T Acoustic Series Incubus did not only has a performance of "Deep Inside", but also a two-part (Boyd forgot the words) performance of "Azwethinkweiz", the only recording of it live. However, they have yet to play "Version" live.

"Deep Inside" is the funkiest song Incubus ever wrote, and an entertaining peice of music that will probably never be imitated because so few people actually care to listen to this one; they'd much rather be pumped by the more metallic tunes on the LP. Don't pass this one up, though. It's insane.

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