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Deerhoof is a rather shy band from the San Francisco Bay Area. It consists of drummer Greg Saunier, bassist-vocalist Satomi Matsuzaki and guitarists John Dieterich and Chris Cohen. Many atempts have been made at describing their music, I'm not going to even try it. Instead, I give you some quotes:

"Deerhoof make music that is at once all of the confusion and pain and murder that you have in your mind from looking down the road and seeing people pass out on the sidewalk from being too ruined to quit shooting up, and also every bit of hope and care and frenzy that you could ever feel when you see a pelican and a seagull fly over the ocean and both catch a fish at the same second. It is the terror and the, no joke, ultimate beauty made of sound." - Jamie Stewart, Xiu Xiu

"Deerhoof's music is mega. It makes my brain confused and my heart happy. Rain evaporates before it hits Deerhoof. I think Deerhoof is one of the best bands. They are simultaneously powerful, cute, scary, technical, and messy. They are constantly practicing, and it shows. I have worked with them several times on cake demolition jobs. We were successful and efficient. - Nate Denver, Total Shutdown and Nate Denver's Neck

"It's their balancing act between fucked-up noise and twisted yet adorable pop, crazy huge rock n' roll and vulnerable beauty that make Deerhoof the best band in San Francisco." - AQUARIUS RECORDS


Greg Saunier (Sharon Cheslow (guest), Xiu Xiu) (guest), The Curtains, THETEETHE, Nervous Cop)
John Dietrich (Gorge Trio, Natural Dreamers, Sharon Cheslow (guest))
Satomi Matsuzaki(Barefoot)
Chris Cohen. (The Curtains, Natural Dreamers)


Apple O' CD / LP
Reveille CD / LP
C 7"
Halfbird CD
My Pal Foot Foot 7"
Koalamagic CD
Holdypaws CD
Come See The Duck 7"
The Man, The King, The Girl CD
Return of the Wood M'lady 7"

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