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It is claimed that there are 33 degrees in the Freemason hierarchy, though it is the subject of much speculation and denial.
Here is the list:

  • 1st Degree: Entered Apprentice

  • 2nd Degree: Fellow Craft

  • 3rd Degree: Master Mason

  • 4th Degree: Secret Master

  • 5th Degree: Perfect Master

  • 6th Degree: Intimate Secretary

  • 7th Degree: Provost and Judge

  • 8th Degree: Superintendent of the Building

  • 9th Degree: Master Elect of Nine

  • 10th Degree: Illustrious Master Elect of Fifteen

  • 11th Degree: Sublime Knight, Chevalier Elect

  • 12th Degree: Grand Master Architect

  • 13th Degree: Royal Arch of Enoch

  • 14th Degree: Scottish Knight of Perfection

  • 15th Degree: Knight of the Sword and of the East

  • 16th Degree: Prince of Jerusalem

  • 17th Degree: Knight of the East and West

  • 18th Degree: Knight of the Eagle and Pelican and Sovereign Prince Rose Croix of Heredom

  • 19th Degree: Grand Pontiff

  • 20th Degree: Venerable Grand Master

  • 21st Degree: Patriarch Noachite, Prussian Chevalier

  • 22nd Degree: Prince of Libanus, Royal Hatchet

  • 23rd Degree: Chief of the Tabernacle

  • 24th Degree: Prince of the Tabernacle

  • 25th Degree: Chevalier of the Brazen Serpent

  • 26th Degree: Prince of Mercy

  • 27th Degree: Grand Commander of the Temple

  • 28th Degree: Knight of the Sun, Prince Adept

  • 29th Degree: Knight of St Andrew

  • 30th Degree: Grand Elected Knight Kadosh, Knight of the Black and White Eagle

  • 31st Degree: Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander

  • 32nd Degree: Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret

  • 33rd Degree: Sovereign Grand Inspector General

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