A Usenet searcher based upon a very thorough database and index. Available through the Web at http://www.dejanews.com/.

Through a system of user accounts, also offers the ability to post to news and receive e-mail at an address of the form juser@my-dejanews.com

And now Deja have shed the News and can be reached at http://www.deja.com/. Even the front page now defaults to product search rather than usenet search. One can only presume that products will provide more advertising opportunities than newsgroups posting.

Deja is more than just a free usenet newsgroups and postings searcher and archiver, it also a web-based usenet newsreader that provides features more than a normal newsreader allows.

There are now other free competitors to Deja such as ...

Google has now bought deja.com, so this node is now purely historical.

You can access your account through groups.google.com, and hopefully they will put up a lot more archives and things because of their immense bandwidth and space.

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