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One of the most popular Christian bands in the UK and the USA. Started in 1993, they were known as the Cutting Edge until around 1997. Delirious? combines rock and worship together for soulful lyrics and unhindering spirituality. Many of Delirious's songs have been sung all over the world, by thousands of church congregations. Martin Smith, the lead vocalist and lyricist says,"I think true rock and roll is just being yourself and we're certainly doing that, to the detriment of maybe being successful. If you've got a thing about something, your life has got to back it up."1

Delirious? has become increasingly reknown in the UK and the US. They have opened for such bands as U2 and Bon Jovi. Their philosophy is that they are not here to top the charts or play Christian music per-se. They just sing about what they are passionate about and it so happens to be God. Songs such as Deeper and White Ribbon Day reflect hope and something beyond themselves.

Every show Delirious? is not so much a rock concert as it is a praise and worship session to God. Delirious? has said that in everything they say and do they want to bring glory to God. 2 One other unusual trait that separates Delirious? from other bands, even Christian ones, is that they put their families above their touring schedule. They do not tour more then 10 days as a general rule, which is why it's so hard to get to see them play in the US. In the US you might be able to see them in music festivals such as Cornerstone, or Spiritfest, but most of their touring schedule surrounds the UK area. Man, I wish I was British.

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Check 'em out. Who knows? You may like them.



Delirious? Official Biography: Purepop

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